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Palace, what a great invention!

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Here ppl from everywhere can get together and talk. Is there anything at all to equal it? I have done Active World and the feeling there isn't even close, same for Blaxxsun. Why is palace so unique? I don't know but it may have to do with the fact that palace is a great equalizer. We don't know who is black, white red or white.

We don't really care, for a palace friend is a friend. We don't know if they are rich or poor or disabled for that matter, unless we get to know them. All we know for sure is a person is there behind the smiley or avatar. We make real friends on palace, and palace enriches our life. There is a lot of heart to palace. We can tell who is nice, who cares and who doesnt or who is a jerk, but we hang with the ppl we like. Palace is so much more than the software. See thats the gist of it, the world gets together on palace and has fun and meets friends. In a way they may not ever do in rl. With Palace and ICQ we can be real explorers, surfing links to parts unknown, or hang in our favorite palace and not surf for weeks. Some never do a lot of link surfing, some link surf all the time. (I am kind of in between) The palace solidarity links afforded me some great surfing.

= ) Palace can be a place where you meet friends, lovers or even your husband or wife (I've been trying but haven't met her yet = ) And you know palace deserves to live, because it is more than software. From the humor of the smileys themselves (the rightness of them too) to the avatars, from photos to anime. Palace is truly unique. And thats why we want it to survive, not for the software that gets us here but for the friends who are here. Palace is like nothing else, and like a rare species, must survive and not go extinct.

My home was Summertree, the best palace I have ever encountered in my palace life. Relaxed and friendly, I made it my home until Katt closed it. Now I have a new home, Castle, and yet all my friends come to see me, so it is not such a loss. Many palaces have closed, many others have opened. I dislike the adult palaces being so popular, but thats my personal opinion. (and this is my column so you will get my opinions huh?)

Anyway this is my second column so if you don't like it, well the others won't be much better. = )

Raiden saying Laterz and PALACE FOREVER!

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