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Class Directives
Class Outline

Having problems figuring out the "laser" homework assignment for Lesson 3? Try watching this demo for an explanation of line drawing.

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Other Goodies:
If you don't have the original cyborg.ipt (script) file that came with your client, you can download a brand new one here.
If you need the plain, grey background for a classroom, the pic file here will work.


There are some differences between the HTML versions of these files and the text and WORD files. The most current is the HTML. If you will report any differences in the files to, we will try to get them fixed ASAP.
HTML Lessons
These lessons will appear in an HTML formatted page, following the format used for this site.

Lesson 1
The Driver's Seat
(Taking Control of Your Cyborg)

Lesson 2
Hide and Seek
(Who is Everyone
and Where is Everything)

Lesson 3
Picasso Revisited
(Painting Guide)

Lesson 4
Toast Masters
(Saying what you want,
where you want it)

Lesson 5
The Secret Lives of Props
(What you can and can't control)

Lesson 6
Stringing Her Along
(Getting the hang of GREPSTR)

Lesson 7
Array of Hope
(The fine art of Array Handling)

Lesson 8
Up the River with a Hula Hoop
(Flow Commands)

Lesson 9
Make My Day
(Defining your own Terms)

Lesson 10
Miss Misc
(Odds and Ends)