Class Directives

Please be on time for class. If you consistently have trouble getting connected to your ISP, try connecting earlier on the day of class so you can be on time.

Please try to use one of your smaller AVs. Each class is limited, but there may be many of us and possibly more if we have observers. Big AVs will fill up the room space quickly making it harder to see what's going on.

Please do not move around or change AVs excessively. This lags everyone and slows down the class. If you are experiencing heavy lag, be patient and watch your log. Eventually you will get caught up. Your instructor will keep an eye out for lagged students and try not to get too far ahead of you.

Please hold extraneous chatter to a minimum. If you want to ask a question, type "^?" and your instructor will call on you. If you want to make a statement, type "^!". And if you are lost and confused, type "^Huh?". All of these will hang a "sign" on you so that your instructor will know you need to be called on.

If you do something that causes your script to loop continuously or do something else weird and it doesn't stop, you will be "mercy killed". That means that you will be logged off so that you can fix the problem. You will be able to log right back on and continue in the class. This is to prevent a total disruption for the other students.

Before the first class, you need to become familiar with your Palace program and doing some things that you may not have tried yet. Be sure that you know how to open your log, and how to save a log session to your disk. The commands to do this are under your FILE menu. You will also need to know how to copy and paste from your log window. You will be copying samples from the log and pasting them into your cyborg script and into the Chat Box. Finally, you need to set up to edit your cyborg.ipt file while you are on line. You will be editing scripts, saving them and reloading them. The RELOAD SCRIPT command is also under your FILE menu.

See you in class!

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