Kaitlyns Palace Additions Presents:


On these web pages you'll find information to help you get your Palace site up and running. This information is designed for new users, new wizards, or people who have been using Palace for awhile but who are just now beginning to build and create Palace rooms and scripts.

I have written these pages with several things in mind. First, I made the sections task-oriented, with section titles indicative of things you will actually do when building a Palace site. I haven't spent much time talking about Iptscrae (the Palace programming language) from a technical point of view, nor will you find many Iptscrae tutorials. I deal with Iptscrae only as a tool to make fun things happen. If you want that more technical information you can get it from the Palace Web Site at http://www.palaceplanet.net/manuals/. So, reading these pages will teach you immediately how to solve certain problems of Palace building, like how to add new rooms, how to create lockable rooms, how to put in messages, etc.

Second, the instructions for each task make it as easy as possible for you to complete the task you are trying to do. This means that the sections contain some redundancies. But that also means that any one section is pretty much stand alone, containing all the information you'll need to complete a certain task. Many palaces sites are built by people just like you and me: from walks of life other than computer programming or web page design. We are teachers, nurses, homemakers, electricians. Yet we love the Palace and want to be creative with it. And you can!

"Your information about scripting was *incredibly* well written. I have spent many hours trying to decipher the theoretical sounding instructions of other websites, and I cannot tell you how frustrating it has been at times. "OK, so it's called a such-and-such, and it's written in reverse polish notation, and the principle behind it is so-and-so, and according tothe canonical notation it should be written this way for easy editing later--but what *IS* it? How can I apply this information to what I want to do, and above all else, HOW DO I PUT IT IN MY PALACE IN THE FIRST PLACE!? Thanks to your wonderfully straightforward writing I have finally managed to do a few basic scripts, including a handful of prop rooms. I finally have had some successful experiences with scripting, due very largely to your clear writing. Between that and the help of more experienced friends, I feel confident that I can now work with this. Well, OK. I'm done for now. Just wanted to say thank you for what you've done. It is an exemplary piece of writing. :)"

"Hiyaz, Ive been palacing for 2.5 yrs, wish Id found your site earlier. Its way kewl. To express into wordz the gratitude I owe you, Im at a loss.  I hope a huge THANK YOU helpz, on my behalf and all the otherz who have visited your site. Sending your website link, and palace addy to all the pplz I know, and wow therez alot of palacing ppl Ive met. Hope I meet you, in person and can repeat my thank you. *Doing the *Wave*, your 2Kewl"

Hey, that last one was funny as well as head-inflating. I'm glad the site has helped many of you and thanks for the words of encouragement.

I have placed these pages according to certain tasks you'll meet as you begin to set up or design a Palace site. If you have familiarity with Palace already, you can jump ahead and look for the instructions on a particular task you want to do. If you are a complete newbie, you'll probably want to do the initial couple sections first, to familiarize yourself with some of the information you'll need in the later sections. The last couple of sections deal with relatively sophisticated scripts (but not ones you can't master!).

On each page I have placed some menu bars to assist with navigating the pages. Near the top of each page you'll find a green menu and choices that will lead you to particular spots on that page. On the left hand side you'll find another menu bar that will jump you to other pages.

Along the way you'll come across some icons that will act as a kind of shorthand:

The Windows icon shows that the following information relates specifically to the Windows platform (oh, you poor PC's).

The cool-looking Mac OS icon shows that the following information relates to the Mac environment.

The reminder icon alerts you to something you might ordinarily forget, but would be hazardous to ignore.

OK, you're ready to go. Remember to keep your coffee cup replenished and your puter fingers nimble. Let's have fun.

I. How to Make Room GIFs and Overlaid GIFs
II. How to Modify the Room
III. How to Put in Message Scripts
IV. How to Put in Sound Scripts
V. How to Make Lockable Rooms
VI. How to Make Automated Av Rooms
VII. How to Make a Link Room
VIII. How to Make a Tour
IX. How to Make a Jukebox Room
X. Additional Palace Links, with Commentary

Thanks to Jeannie who read the drafts, made insightful comments, and provided several of the graphics. Thanks and ever thanks.

Thanks to Kyderdog Dan, who gave a helpful tip regarding sound and whose own webpage acted as inspiration for the creation of my own.

Thanks to Spinny, aka Doc, aka etc., for his patience at CyberQuest Palace when all these scripts were being inserted and modified there.

Thanks to Barb for the helpful tips regarding using the Palace palette.

Thanks to the Academy, for voting this film . . . . Wait. That wasn't me. Never mind.

April 1st 1999:
Dan takes over hosting Ori's Pages

Ori is leaving Palacespace and this site is now in Maintenance mode... there will only be corrections as newer versions of the palace come out...
It was nice of Ori to allow Miranda and myself to take over his site now that he is gone
Thanks Ori and good luck
Dan Steffen aka. Kyderdog Dan

November 3, 2000:
Dan donates Ori's Pages to PalaceTools.com

Dan Steffen (Kyderdog Dan) graciously donated these pages to the PalaceTools.com website so that Ori's legacy may live on and his lessons which have been helpful to so many may continue to educate new palace server operators.
Thank you, Dan!

Januari 2009:
Ori's Palace pages are online again on Palaceplanet

Ori's Palace Pages are back online this time hosted by Palaceplanet