Most Palaces have rooms that contain links to other Palaces. Those link rooms can work in a wide variety of ways, but the two main ways I've seen are with a touch command and with a verbal command. I've included instructions for making both kinds of link rooms.

Reach out and touch someone--or in this case, another palace. In order to do that with a touch command do the following:

1. Go to Wizard Mode and then under Wizard menu to Authoring

2. Create a new door. (I use the terms "door" and "spot" interchangeably, though technically a door acts as a passage to another room and a spot is used to house a script). You can highlight the door by clicking in the middle of it, which highlights the corner tabs. Those tabs can then be moved. So, resize and position your new door.

3. Then, under Wizard:Door Info name the door the name of the Palace you are linking to, such as CyberQuest Palace. In that same dialogue box click on Don't Move Here and Show Name.

4. In the Door Info box, click on the Script box and insert the following script into that dialogue box:

ON SELECT { "palace://" NETGOTO }

Now, save that and go out of authoring mode. Click on that new spot and you should find yourself at CyberQuest. When you're there, don't forget to say "hi" if you see me. You can vary the above script to put in any palace address. Just make sure you put it in between the quotation marks and include the port number after a colon.

Variations: You can vary the above touch script by using an overlaid GIF instead of the name of the palace you're linking to. You can create your own lettering, for example, in a graphics program and save it as a GIF which you can call up in a spot (click here for information on overlaid GIFs). Dreamland has lovely links done in this fashion. You can also make smaller GIFs of various palace gates and use the gate pictures for your touch spot (make sure you get permission from the Palace owner before you use their artwork). These techniques still use the exact same script given above.

With this kind of link the user will speak a keyword word and be transported to a different Palace. You'll now be using a different kind of script called at OUTCHAT script. OUTCHAT simply means the user "speaks" something by typing it, the server "hears" it, and the script begins to run.

Let's try one and make sure you can make it work, then we can get more complicated.

1. Go to Wizard mode and under the wizard menu create a new door. Click in the middle of the door to highlight the tabs, then pull the tabs to resize the door and move it conveniently out of the way. Since the user won't be clicking on the door, it can be in some obscure, dusty corner of the room.

2. Open the door by highlighting it, then under Wizard Menu go to Door Info. That opens a door dialogue box, which also contains a place to install a script. Please open the script section and plug in the following script:

"palace://" NETGOTO "" CHATSTR =
} CHATSTR "Cyberquest" == IF

3. Close your script box and your door dialogue box, then go out of authoring mode. Now, check it by typing "Cyberquest" without the quotes in your text field and hitting return. You should soon find your way to CyberQuest Palace.

You can vary the script above to put in the address of any palace you wish. Just put the address in the form you see above, in quotation marks. Also, you'll want to vary the keyword in the third line down after CHATSTR. Again, any word you put inside those quotation marks will be the keyword that activates the script.

You can place a series of such OUTCHAT commands in one script in this way:

{ "palace://" NETGOTO "" CHATSTR =
} CHATSTR "Palace in Wonderland" == IF
{ "palace://" NETGOTO "" CHATSTR =
{"palace://" NETGOTO "" CHATSTR =
} CHATSTR "CyberPalace" == IF
{" palace://" NETGOTO "" CHATSTR =
} CHATSTR "Firebird's Forest" == IF

You can add a lot of palaces into such a script. But of course your users will need to know what keywords to say in order to be transported. You can tell them the key words with a message script. Let's say you want to set up a link room and you have all your palaces chosen. Decide what keywords you'll want to use and plug them into the script above. For example, to transport to "Palace in Wonderland" you might want the keyword to be "Wonderland" (having a short keyword phrase prevents fumble-fingers like myself from having to type a command three or four times to get the spelling exactly right). So, use an ON ENTER script telling the user something like this:

"@20 20 Welcome to the link room. To go to Palace in Wonderland, say 'Wonderland'
To go to Firebird's Forest, say 'Firebird'" LOCALMSG }

Remember that in a message script you cannot use quotations marks within the message itself, unless they are preceded by a \. I find it easier to use the single marks around the word 'Wonderland' instead of scripting \"Wonderland\".

Again, the above script can be varied to put in all the keywords for your Palace links.

Also remember that you can use many variations of the above scripts. Visit various Palace sites and see what others have done. After you gain some experience with scripting, you will know what script is operating behind the scenes to make things happen.

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