Many people have done great work on Palace. Below is a list of some of the very best Palace sites, with some commentary about each one.

The new center of the Palace universe, dedicated to supporting the community of people who use the Palace Chat software.

Palace Links & Help

Palace related tools, scripts (room and cyborg), and downloads are available here. There are tutorials and links for every aspect of Palace such as pics, sounds, and iptscrae.

Practice Palace Website

Resources for new Palace users to get set up and acquainted with Palace tools.

Hotcity Script Barn

The place to go for Palace builders. The largest collection of room scripts available with a terrific "try it before you download it" interface.

Dr. X's House o Props n Bots

Dr. X's is the home of the famous and infamous botbot, which can help you create a cyborg.ipt file. But it's much more than that and includes helpful info and Palace building as well. Check out House o Houses particularly.

Dreamland Palace Midi Guide

Sparkle's Dreamland Palace has been on the cutting edge of integrating Palace and midis. This site can help you incorporate midis for both Macs and PCs.

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