Hex's Prop Generator Script

Hex's Prop Generator Script

This is my favorite prop generator script, it uses pictures to show the current props and buttons. NOTE: I did not create these pics, I forget who did, if you know, drop me a line and I will accredit them here.
 The Pics needed :
  The easiest way to install the Prop Generator is to download the Prop Generator with Refresher Room Script. This script goes directly into your pserver.dat (pserver.pat) and allows you to `duplicate new generator rooms from there. Just shut down your server and open you pat/dat file in a text editor, scroll down to the bottom and paste in the whole room script just after the last ENDROOM and before the last END. If you dont want to use the Refresher bot you dont need to, but having installed in all the rooms will save you alot of work if you ever decide to use it later. NOTE: ALWAYS keep a backup of any important file, namely PServer.dat/.pat Alternativley, you can create the prop generator online, without editing your pat/dat file. This should probobally only be used by people who dont have access to shutdown/restart to thier remote pserver etc... Create doors in roughly these positions. The "10's place" number spot needs to be ID 5, and the "1's place" spot needs to be ID 6, no other spot IDs matter. The Reset Counter door usuall holds the Remote pic, and the number spots hold thier respective pics. If your not comfortable doing this online, direct editing of the pat/dat filke is recommended.

Add Ons:

Get the cyborg script "pid" to give you the propid's for prop generators.

The Refresher Bot

The Refresher Bot script is used to backup and restore all your prop rooms automatically. Sometimes your PServer's propfile will corrupt, or you changed servers but didnt want to copy a 30 MB prop file, or your prop room props just get purged, well when that happens and all your prop rooms go blank your in trouble. Thats when your glad you had the props backed up. For those of you who dont know how Palace props work... When you wear a prop, you send the prop's specific ID number to the server, the server looks in its prop file and sees if it has seen this prop before. If it hasnt, then it asks your palace client to send the prop to it. If the server has seen the prop, or when it recieves it , it then sends the ID to all the clients in the room, and thier client performs a similiar check on thier own prop file, and if not found, request it from the server. Scripts can manipulate props by thier ID numbers, wich is what the prop generator does, sets your props to a specific set of prop IDs. The problem happens when the server forgets some props, by means above, and tries to show them to users who havent seen them either. The user doesnt get any props, but its ok, because you had a backup! Didnt you? = )

*NOTE* The Refresher Bot will NOT work with any prop generator oher than the above, it CAN be edited to work, but would require knowledge of iptscrae

To backup your props in a file, run the refresher bot, then duplicate your palace.prp file, renaming the duplicate something like "Prop Backup -10/99", then when needing to "reshow" the props to the server, just rename the "Prop Backup 10/99" file to palace.prp and run the bot again. (For a leaner, meaner backup, purge your propfile before running the refresher bot the first time thru.)
 Prop Generator Scripts
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