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Code Limitations

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This section describes the current Iptscrae implementation limits. No matter how cleverly you assign variable names and swap graphic elements, there are some data handling boundaries hard-coded into the software. In general, The Palace Viewer version of Iptscrae is limited only by the memory available in the browser, so these limits only apply to The Palace User Software clients for Windows and Macintosh. Note that client and server limites may override those noted below.


Of all the above limitations, the one you'll really want to look out for is the stack limit -- if more than 256 data items get placed on the stack, some of them will "fall off," becoming lost forever. In general, however, these code limitations really shouldn't be too much of a problem for you -- unless the goal is to do truly complex, site-wide programming (like tracking the states of multiple users and objects from room to room, for instance). Although they require great determination and programming fluency, such tasks are indeed possible in Iptscrae -- and are left as exercises for the reader.

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