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Why aren't they all coming?

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It has always been my perception that the whole palace community was suffering from an excess of paranoia and egotism that was manifesting itself by a chronic absence of the most basic social skills. Some known palaces even became a pitiful sight in their practice of fallacious rumors.

It was amazing to see how many guys suddenly turn out to be child molesters or abusers of all trends just by not being liked by those local wizards and gods. It would be tedious to try to understand the phenomena of social rejection on palace, but hatred never came bundled with the software and is a plague to the user’s global experience. Therefore, when communities.com went out of business, it became highly predictable that "thepalace" and everything related to it was going to suffer due to the erosion of its user base.

After the closing of its major support, the palace community still stands strong with only a few losses. Even bad social skills didn’t get the better of it, partly because 'thepalace', as chat software, still has a lot to offer its users and the relentless efforts invested by the palace owners and hosting services made the whole community survive for yet another bright day. The revival of 'thepalace.com' and the new and improved 'live directory' from palacetools have been perfect examples of good will and combined efforts. As owner of 'The Midnight Rambler', I’ve seen a better flow of traffic thanks to them. Of course the rumor mills haven’t all shut down, but as statistics go, their growth gets impaired with time and without the promoting support from a hosting service they usually die out peacefully.

What was accomplished may not be enough. The online world is ever changing and the lack of marketing skills and revenues has forced many portals to charge users for their survival or to simply cease operations. Excite chat, one of the biggest cyber populations, is no exception to that new trend and has closed its doors with only a few if any joining our ranks. We have to ask ourselves if we are visible and accessible enough? The palace community as a whole has been more concerned with eluding the alleged hackers and self generated drama than recruiting fresh new forces. Obtaining a registration code may become a very frustrating experience if we keep suspecting everyone of ban jumping.

A new breed of chatters is roaming through our doors using unregistered clients or instant palace to join us. Onchat is now charging a membership fee forcing many users to look for an alternative. It is our chance to recruit new blood to enrich our social fiber as a means to achieve our own survival. All I ask is to turn down the paranoia and the drama and be ready to provide the needed registration codes. It may finally pay off if we, collectively, are helpful enough to give a hand to those who are now seeking our help. It is time for us to go beyond our own inner circles and reach out to new users and make them feel welcomed.

But palace is just a hobby after all isn’t it

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