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What should newcomers expect from The Palace?

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Whether you heard the word from a friend, or you discovered the program by accident, The Palace - Visual Chat, has somehow managed to be downloaded into your computer. There are tons of tutorials and helpful links, but seriously... What should new comer expect from The Palace?

Being on the palace, and meeting people on the palace is determined by your representation. Or what you use to act as a representation for you.

There are many type of people on the palace (props). You could be a prep. You could be a celebrity. You could be a freak. You could be anything. Depending on what you choose to be is how people will react to you. Choosing to be a prep, may cause you to get picked on or made fun of, harrased and called names by those who choose to be a skater or freak. Chosing to be a freak may make it harder for you to come across friends on the dark side.

The Palace has it's ups and downs, but when you find "your" right crowd, you can have unlimited fun, and a wonderful time.

What are different palaces like? As the old quote once related to men goes, a good palace is hard to find. It takes a lot to have a good palace. There are several basic requirements: a decent layout, avatars, and friendly people. But there are not many palaces that can satisfy such or all requirements.

Difficulty acomplishing this has created desperation for popularity. Some palace owners will do anything for fame...anything. I posted to mailing-lists about the idea a year and a half ago, had a demo site running, all people said was, "Great idea, don't forget to link my site!" Desperation indeed.

If you find the right palace and if you find the right people enjoyment won't let you down.

But it's also obvious, everyday can't be a good day on the palace, but most could.

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