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Getting Started

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This section describes how to get started using your Palace client, we will tell you how to get on to the Palace and change connections:

Getting Started

This section describes how to get started using your Palace client:


  • Requirements

  • Logging on for the first time

  • Installation

  • Logging off

    The Palace User Software has the following requirements:

    Computer: Pentium processor running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows NT.

    RAM: At least 32 megabytes.

    Monitor: 16bit High color with 800x600+ support.

    Disk space: At least 10 megabytes. If you plan on traveling to other Palace sites, be aware that many of these servers have their own original artwork and sounds. As you enter new rooms in these servers, you might need additional hard disk space to store these additional assets.

    Connectivity: 28.8kbps (or greater) connection to the Internet.

    Browser: You need a Web browser to access Palaceplanet and other Palace relates sites. Either Firefox or Internet Explorer, we recommend FireFox

    NOTE: Before using the Palace User Software client, you should obtain a registration code to unlock the full features of the software. This code is free. Be sure to register before you download; you can access the registration form from the software downloads page.

    Don't give out your registration code! A Palace server does not allow two users with the same registration code to connect at the same time. This means if somebody else uses your code, you might be locked out of Palace sites all over the Internet.

    The Palace client contains several related files including executable programs, graphics, sounds, prop files and script files. All of these assets are distributed in a single, self-extracting archive file.

    To obtain the Palace client software, select it from the Downloads page at the Palace website (http://www.thepalace.com/downloads). The downloads process steps you through registration, and then downloads the install file to your machine. You can then click on the downloaded file to begin installation.

    After the software installs, the Palace client launches automatically. You can choose to enter your registration code at this time to become a full-fledged member. The registration code was emailed to you after you completed the registration form online. If you choose not to register at this time, you can register later by selecting Enter Registration Code from the File menu.

    Updating your software Palace upgrades are released fairly regularly. Be sure to visit the Palace website periodically for updated versions. Here's how to do it:

  • Determine which version you're currently using. To do this, select About The Palace in the Help Menu.

  • To grab the newest updated version (or just to check for one), select Software Updates from the Help Menu. This will launch your web browser and send you to the appropriate page on the Palace website.

  • Download the current software executable to your machine, and then install it.

    Logging on for the first time
    You are now ready to log on to a Palace site and start socializing with other members! Your client is automatically launched when you first install it. If you exited and now wish to log on again, select Programs:The Palace:The Palace32 from your Windows Start menu. You access the Welcome Palace as your first site, entering the Welcome Palace gateway as the first room.

    To see a sample Palace room illustrating various parts of the user interface, see Elements of the main window.

    NOTE: To bring up the Toolbox if it does not appear yet, press Control-T.

    Learning on your own with the Welcome Palace Gate The Welcome Palace gateway is your default entrypoint into the Palace. When you enter the Welcome Palace gate using The Palace User Software, the Web browser on your machine also launches to the Palace's web page, where you can find links to other exciting Palaces. Note that if you later enter the Welcome Palace using a bookmark under the Bookmarks menu, you enter a different room and the web browser is not automatically launched.

    The Welcome Palace gateway is private, and you are the only user. You can use this room to get comfortable with the basic layout of the Palace software user interface.

    The Welcome Palace gate has several links:

  • Avatar Dispenser

  • Palace Web page

  • Practice Palace

  • Welcome Palace Site

    NOTE: The Welcome Palace gateway is your default entry to the Palace community until you change it. See Connecting to Palace Sites for information on bookmarking Palaces, connecting to new Palaces, and creating a Home Palace from the Edit:Preferences window.

    Avatar Dispenser In The Palace, your onscreen representation is referred to as your avatar. You first come into the Palace wearing a default avatar. Use the Avatar Dispenser to change your appearance.

    To change your image, click on the Avatar Dispenser's Change your appearance button. The image that represents you will change. Continue clicking this button until you find an image that you like. You can also click the Back button to go back to a previous Avatar. The Dispenser will loop back to the beginning after displaying the final avatar.

    If you would like to change your appearance again later, go to the Avatar Palace. To go to this Palace, select Avatar Palace from the Palaces menu.

    Palace Web Page Clicking this link opens a new browser window displaying the Palace Channels Guide. Here you can find links to hundreds of other exciting Palaces, and lists of Events held in Palaces.

    Installing The Palace User Software automatically launches your Web browser to this web page. You can use this button to relaunch your web browser if you have closed the web page.

    The Practice Palace Click this link to access the Practice Palace. This is an interactive tutorial that teaches you how to do different things in the Palace. When you are finished, click the Palace icon (P) to go back to the Welcome Palace gateway. You can return to the Practice Palace by selecting Practice Palace under the Bookmarks menu.

    Entry to the Welcome Palace Click this link to enter the Welcome Palace itself and socialize with others. The Welcome Palace is a site for new users, where you can meet people and learn more about the Palace community in general.

    NOTE: To make navigating through the Welcome Palace easier, try turning on door outlines. This way, you won't "fall" through a door by mistake and end up in another room. Click the Show Doors image on the Toolbox to do this (if the Toolbox isn't showing, press Control-T.)

    Talking, moving around, and other actions Here is a list of some things you'll want to do next in the Palace. For other ideas, see the Quick Reference.

  • To talk to people, click on the Input Box at the bottom of your screen (you may first have to press the Tab key activate the Input Box), type something, and press Enter. Your text will appear in a cartoon-balloon near your head. Talking and balloons is described in more detail in Talking to people.

  • To move around, see Moving around.

  • You can personalize some of your Palace settings; for example, you can automatically display user names and have tinted word balloons. Use the Edit:Preferences menu item to customize these session in your Preferences window (see Preferences).

  • If you would like to get a new avatar look, you can visit the Avatars palace. Select Bookmarks:Avatars for this menu item.

    Logging off
    There are several ways to leave your current Palace site:
  • To go to another Palace, see Connecting to Palace Sites.

  • To disconnect from any Palace site, but not shut down the Palace User Software, select Disconnect from the File menu. You are able to still access Palace features such as editing props.

  • To disconnect and close the Palace User Software altogether, select Exit from the File menu.

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