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How to add scripts

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Here are the basic steps for how to add a script to your Palace Server. First you need to know that you will run into some scripts that cant be put in while you are in palace. Those scripts are too big and either exceed the 16 pic limit per room or the 16k per room for scripting. They have to be installed through the pat file and we will cover that later.

Right now, we are going to just go through the steps to install a script at your gate.  Im going to show you how to install a sign on pager at your gate.  What this script will do is....no matter where in your palace you are at working, if someone logs on, you will get a page letting you know that.

At the gate, making sure you are wizzed up, click the operator menu shown below.


menu.jpg - 3051 Bytes

When that opens up, you click Authoring Mode...

menu2.jpg - 8187 Bytes

Now click new door......

menu3.jpg - 8308 Bytes

A door will appear on your screen.  Double click that to get this menu......

menu4.jpg - 17432 Bytes

Now you click Edit Script and another window pops up that you enter the script in.....

menu5.jpg - 8849 Bytes

This is where you type the script in or copy and paste it in.  Once you put the script in that will page you if someone logs on, this window will look like this.....

menu6.jpg - 12191 Bytes

The script is this one if you want to copy and paste it from this webpage.....

"'page Another Visitor has arrived" SAY }

Now click ok and resize your door by dragging the 4 points to look like you want it.....be as small as you want it, and stick it in a corner.  Click Authoring Mode again to take you out of authoring and youre done.

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