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HOWTO: Clickable link.

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How can you make your Palace links active? Lets face it we really like it when people put a link in their post we can just CLICK it. Not copy paste it or anything. So here we go: ACTIVE LINKS!

We got two buttons for this:

One is for websites:
The other for Palace:

These buttons only show up if: you clicked the "new thread" button, the "post reply" button or clicked the "Go advanced" button when typing a quick reply.

How to use this? Simple, there are two ways of using these buttons.

Clean option:
Type the full address you want to use, then highlight the whole text. Go to the edit buttons on top of the message box (you have to be in Advanced mode to see the buttons)

Click the button you want to use, for a Palace link click the red P , for weblinks click the little blue link . This method will give you nice clean links: you can type the name of your palace or website, highlight this text. Very handy for masking long complicated URL's.

Quick and dirty option:
Click the button and type your info in between the two [xxx]yourtext[/xxx] boxes

You can also just type this manually:

To turn something into a clickable WEB url type:

PHP Code:

To create a active Palace link use:


This will turn the text into a link, so make sure you type the whole address or it will not work.

NOTE: make sure you type correctly NO spaces between any of the words or letters.

Always CHECK your link after you post it, you can always use the EDIT button to go back and change mistakes.


This is a clean version of a link to the arcade: Arcade!

This is the quick and dirty version: http://www.palaceplanet.net/arcade.php

This shows you the clean option, this will link you to the chatfan palace: Example Palace

This is how that actually link looks in code:

PHP Code:
[palace="chatfan.com"]Example Palace[/palace

Hope this helps you linking up!

have fun.

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