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HOWTO: Check your connection to server using "TRACERT"

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Having trouble connecting to a Palace while everybody else can? You are sure your not banned or killed? Maybe there is something wrong with your connection to that Palace.

A simple way to find out is surfing the their website. If you want to see if there is something broken along the way to that Palace use TRACERT:

tracert works as follows (and is windows only):

In the Start button go to RUN

type "CMD" (short for command) this wil open a DOS windows on your dekstop. Now type "tracert -h 20 ipnumer" this stands for trace route to that adress. -h 20 means it will not try more then 20 hops to the adress. It will show you exactly where your connection to the server breaks.

You can change the -h 20 to anything you like, but remember if you are blocked at the server end it will try to connect to a dead link until you close the DOS screen.

If the last jump in the tracert is something like * * * * it means the trace route can't find anything and you are probably blocked by the firewall.

To solve this give the host / Palace owner your IP and see if they can find out if its blocked in the firewall.

If you don't know your public IP just go to www.whasismyip.com

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