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HOW TO: Serve your media from a website

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For all the people who run their Palace server from home, here are a couple of simple tips to make operation as smooth as possible. How to SERVE your Palace media from a website: If you run a home server you should consider putting your media files on a website.

There are two simple reasons for this:

1: Most ISP's don't give a lot of "upload" bandwidth so sending files to people will take a lot from your connection and lag anything going on.

2: websites are faster in delivering files then the Palace server

Another problem which more or less depends on your setup is that a lot of home servers take forever to send a file, sometimes up to 15 minutes.

Here is what you do: put the media directory on a website.

How to do you do this?

Simple: make a new folder on your website called "media" (without the quotes) upload your Palace media files to it. Check in your browser if you can reach this folder by browsing to it.

Example: open http://yourdomain.com/myfiles/media/clouds.gif

If this lets you view clouds.gif you know it will work for other people to. In your Palace Server you become Owner and type the following:
'fileserver http://yourdomain.com/myfiles/media/
Its important to have the / at the end or it won't work. To test this try renaming or deleting your media folder in your Palace client and reload the roompictures. They should now load as fast as you can load pictures from any website.

If you want to check if the URL is correct just type 'fileserver the server will tell you where it tries to get your media from.

Good luck

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