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The Unwritten Code of Conduct

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unwritten until now... Even online you should take care to maintain a good honorable reputation (never mind that you kill people for a living in real life...) Bad reputations spread far and wide - the Gossip Times being the most efficient broadcast form and it can have a negative effect on your palace.

Remember these Commandments

Thou shalt not steal
OK... so i plagarised God. But this commandment holds true on palace. So what if your pictures aren't as nice as other palaces, at least they are your own. If you are 'borrowing' from another photographer or artist, be sure to credit them for their work. And if thou doth covet thy neighbours backdrop, it's common courtesy to ask for permission - especially if that backdrop is an original.

Stealing avatars is also a big no-no and is frowned upon. Making avatars is a time consuming activity needing skill honed by lots of practice. Ask permission before taking these avs, make your own avs or don't have av rooms at all.

Thou shalt not kill
Be sparing in executing the kill/ban sentence on anyone. Trigger happy gods are not popular.

Thou shalt treat thy wizards with respect and regard
If you are the sort of owner that delegates work or leaves all the work to the wizards, then you are well advised not to **ss them off. Disgruntled wizards will leave and sometimes, take your visitors (and the rest of the wizard panel) with them. Although... if most of your wizard panel deserts you, it probably means that you have something seriously wrong with your people skills. Have an open relationship with your wizards, allowing discussion without fear of offending anyone.

Thou shalt be humble
So you think you are a god eh? Too good to mingle with the peons eh? Like the view from your pedestal eh?

Owning your own palace can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a real headache. Palace politics can consume your palace if you let it - the petty squabbles, the power struggles, backstabbing, catfights etc... THE LIST GOES ON!

I hope this document will help you somewhat to build your palace with the maximum of fun and minimum of headache. I wish you all the best, and HAPPY BUILDING :)


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