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Warp To Sends you to anothwer part of the room, looking cool = )
Bounce Zap 2.1 Bounce a zap off the walls! = ) Get bzap.wav
Pinsult Insult someone, the pirate way! = )
Dressy Dress someone in your props, uses allscray
Lick Lick someone!! = )
Bite Lick's ever troublesome friend, Bite. = )
Push Move someone to your mouse position, uses allscray
SIRoomHi Sincerity Imitating RoomHi, make em feel special without the effort! = )
PEdit Portable Edit Room, paints white/grey/black boxes for av editing
SCouch Super Couch, for all your couching needs = )
AutoClear Auto Clear cleans loose props repeatedly.
Authoring Tools Scripts give you quick access to information about many things.
HBRB 1.2 A full featured brb script, paging, message logging, and idle auto-away. Get hey.wav
MainGo Zip around Mansion with these snazzy scripts! = )
CB Checkerboard blanket, allows for a blanket or a type using two alternating props.
Spiral Spirals around to your mouse position.
Wiz Scripts 2 Shortcut scripts for pinning, paging and the like.
SpProp Spiral your props! (written by the iptscrae list ;)
ShowVar (New!) Show the contents of a variable, useful for debugging.


Anti-Flood Automatically mutes flooders.
Room Scripts
Simple Scripts Some basic room scripts, such as web/palace links, playing sounds, etc...
ICameFrom The ICameFrom script notifies wizs of new arrivals and advertises your site
Allscray The allscray script and a little about how to use it.
Dress Up The ever popular dressup room script
Prop Generator My favorite prop generator script, with detailed instructions
Av Share The new Avatar Offer/Accept script installed at Mansion, Welcome and Avatar.
Share 2.1 Includes original prop offer/accept and ads Web and Palace link offers/accepts.
Sofa On/Off The new Sofa Toggle script installed in Harry's Bar.
Pong The Pong room script (a personal fav along-time in the making)
Custom Functions (Put in ON SIGNON and call from any script)
Save/Restore Props Save and Restore Props
Array to String Convert an Array to a String for debugging.
Show Stack Prints the current contents of the stack to the log (Requires IptVersion 1)
Any props needed for the scripts may be obtained at Abandon the Matrix.