Allscray is a special room script that allows one user to force another user to execute iptscrae code. In other words, make someone else do something. Allscray is a room script, and therefore must be installed in every room you want to use it in. Forcing another user to do something is very powerful, so allscray is usually reserved only for wizards. The only way to secure this script from easy hacking, the only reliable method for determining wizard staus is by placing an asterik "*" as the first character of your name.

*NOTE* You MUST have a * as the first character of your name to use most allscray.

Allscray requires knowledge of iptscrae to issue "on the fly" commands in native allscray, but there are many cyborg scipts that translate to allscray for you, some examples are dressy and push, both are described on the home page.

If you do know iptscrae, here is how you issue the commands...

;allscray <iptscrae commands>

This forces every user who hears you say it execute the iptscrae commands, including you.

;ao <iptscrae commands>

This forces everyone who hears you say it execute it, except you.

Allscray Room Scripts
 Allscray   This is the allscray room script, put in all rooms, usable only by wizs.