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PatBuddy User's Guide

Load FIle

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The "Load File" screen is used to select and load your pserver's *.pat file into PatBuddy's memory. The changes you make while using PatBuddy are effecting the copy of your *.pat file that PatBuddy has loaded into memory, not to the *.pat file that you selected for PatBuddy to load from your hard drive. By doing this, you can reverse your changes, make all types of different changes, and totally mess up without ever effecting the *.pat file on your hard drive. The other utilities in PatBuddy will be disabled until you load a *.pat file. When you have made all of the changes that you want, you then click the "Save New PAT FIle to Disk" button. That will bring up a "Save" window that will let you name your new *.pat file and save it to the location you choose. If you choose the same name and location of an existing file, PatBuddy will ask you if you wish to replace that file with the new *.pat file.

PatBuddy has a 354 character limit for a single line. If PatBuddy encounters a line longer than 354 characters in your pat file, PatBuddy will display a message box that will guide you through editing your pat file and folding the line into lines less than 354 characters.

By clicking on the buttons in the picture below, you will see an explanation of how to use them.

 Current *.pat File Path

This line tells you the path to the currentlt loaded *.pat file. If no *.pat file is loaded, this line displays the path to the *.pat file that you have saved into PatBuddy's setting.

PAT File Status

This line indicates if there is a *.pat file loaded. It also indicates "Loading" when the *.pat file is being loaded.

"Load Current Pat FIle" Button

This button is used to quickly load the *.pat file that you have saved into the PatBuddy setting. If PatBuddy can not locate the *.pat file that you have saved in PatBuddy Settings, or if there is already a *.pat file loaded, this button will be Disabled.

"Select New Pat File" Button

This button is used to locate and load your pserver's *.pat file. You can also use this button to change to a different *.pat file, as well as unloading the current *.pat file by clicking the "Cancel" button.

"Save PatBuddy Setting to Disk" Button

This button saves several PatBuddy settings to use as defaults the next time you run PatBuddy. One of these setting is which *.pat file you have loaded when you click the "Save PatBuddy Settings" button. Other setting that are saved will be noted in their own help text. This button is available in every utility / screen of PatBuddy.

"Save New PAT File to Disk" Button

This button will create a new *.pat file that includes all of the changes that you made while using PatBuddy. It will only save the changes to your original *.pat file if you choose to overwrite the original file with the new one. PatBuddy will not create a new *.pat file if LogHelp is running in "Demo Mode". In other words, only registered LogHelp users can create *.pat files with PatBuddy.


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