LogHelp is a stand-alone database application that you run from your personal computer. It extracts and sorts all that hidden info contained in your Pserver logs. Learn how many hits your Palace gets per day, how many hours users spend on your Palace and much, much more! Check out some of LogHelp's features.

Designed to help you learn more about the usage of your site, LogHelp imports the Pserver log files and breaks down the data contained in them. It reorganizes, sorts, filters, counts, averages, and combines the data to extract useful information.

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 New Features


 Supported Pserver Logs
  •  All New expression builders for Filter, Locate & Hide. 
  • New AddOn interface. 
  • New Import interface. 
  • Full 32 bit support. 
  • Wizard Info. 
  • Authoring Info. 
  • Auto purging. 
  • Configurable Imports. 
  • Graphical Daily Stats Screens. 
  • Multiple Palace Support 
  • Much Much More. 

 Mac - PPC Processor, 32 megs of RAM, 8 meg free HD space. OS 7.1 or Higher.

PC - Pentium Processor or equivalent . Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. 32 megs of RAM, 8 meg free HD space. 

Unix/Linux Versions - 4.0.x, 4.1, 4.2 , 4.3 , 4.4.1 & 4.5.1

Windows NT Versions - 4.2 , 4.3.

Macintosh Version 4.1

Windows 4.4.x

LogHelp 2.5 Installers

 The New LogHelp2 Is Here !!

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  Windows2.5 32 bit Full Installer 5186 k

Windows2.5 32 bit Update from 2.0.5 - 2450 k

 Macintosh PPC 2.5 Full Installer 4728 k

Macintosh PPC 2.5 Update from 2.0.5 - 2021 k


TheDailyLooker Report

Beta AddOns for LogHelp2

To install AddOns, just put a copy of the <AddOnName>.app file in the /LogHelp2/AddOns/ folder. Run the AddOn by selecting "Run Custom AddOn" from the "Utilities" menu.

 LogHelp 1.x to LogHelp 2.x
Will import the data from LogHelp 1.x & earlier into LogHelp 2.x
 LogHelp1.x to LogHelp2.x_1.0.1 Windows Not Included in Installers
 LogHelp1.x to LogHelp2.x_1.0.1 Mac  Not Included in Installers

PatBuddy 1.5.1
 PatBuddy is a Must Have PAT File Utility !!
PatBuddy for Mac and Windows ---- For More Details on PatBuddy, Click this Link. Included in version 2.5 Installers and updates

Changes / Fixes in 2.5

1. Made registration free. Loghelp 2.5 will self register. All features are enabled.


Changes / Fixes in 2.0.5

1. Added Multi Palace / LogSet Support
2. Browse windows are better at remembering their positions & stuff.
Each Window has it's own memory. (About as good as it's gonna get)
3. New import routine for 4.1 thru 4.4.x pserver logs, a little faster & better WizInfo parsing.
4. Import filepicker now recognizes WinNT *.syslog files as well as *.log files.
5. The URL connection problem on WinNT machines are fixed. (We think)
6. Failed File Send Purging has been added. (options menu)
7. The DailyLooker & Personal Usage AddOns have been included into the main code. (Options/Reports menu)
8. Unix4.0.x importing AddOn has been added to main code.
9. New import options --> Windows4.4, unix 4.4.x, Mac & WinNT4.4 (untested of course)
10. Dynamic Index Files option has been added to pref's.
11. LogHelp2 now has 2 modes, Demo & Registered. Some features are not available in the Demo mode. These current features will only be available to registered users. (MultiPalace support, Export to File, Export to Spreadsheet) Future features and AddOns may or may not work in Demo mode, depending on what they do.
Our general intent is to limit any feature that creates a file to disk to registred users. We reserve the right to limit any feature or AddOn to registered users. We intend to keep the Demo version of LogHelp2 a very usefull product.

Changes / Fixes in 2.0.2

1. Fixed imports to handle Java clients better.
2. Fixed Wiz Info not capturing "Un" commands, such as UnBan, Ungag etc...
3. Added Close button to the "Set Order" screen in Windows version.
4. Text edit window no longer closes when you select or open another window.
5. Fixed the "Not Equal To" operator in the new expression builders, it now works properly with character data.
6. Added Null / Empty operators to the Carachter data in FIlter Builder.
7. Browse windows are better at remembering their positions & stuff. (not perfect yet)
8. Default changed from "AND" to "OR" in the Filter Builder.
9. Fixed Bug that caused LogHelp to record wrong name with some / most of the Authoring records.
10. Added a new preference to set the default way that LogHelp Indexes the UserStats after Importing.
11. Fixed all known bugs in the DailyLooker AddOn.
12. Added new preferance to Mac version, to select default text output file types. (BB Edit / SimpleText)
13. Vast improvement in recovering from corrupt CDX (Index) files.


 Palace Tools Main addOmatic


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