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Old 04-08-2009 , 09:07 PM    #1 (permalink)

Palace User

Posts: 26

Icon5 Script please
I do not know if they even make a script like this but if they do and anyone knows it PLEASE let me know and thanks!

If I put a one piece small prop out for others to get in a palace and I want the prop to move around on the screen while they are trying to click on it to get it LOL yeah you read that right, is there a script for that?

In other words it will be hard to copy or take the prop to their black prop bag but not impossible as it moves around on the screen and if there is a script for this, would it just be put in a new door? And that's it?


Last edited by CountryMe; 04-08-2009 at 09:09 PM.. Reason: forgot to add I have palace software for windows
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Old 04-09-2009 , 09:29 AM    #2 (permalink)

Palace Helper

Posts: 24

It's possible.

The script need to run in the ON ALARM section.

So need to use SETALARM for events.

Need to use MOUSEPOS for the mouse position.

need to use a RANDOM pos ADDLOOSEPROP and take his position.

need to compare MOUSEPOS and ADDLOOSEPROP position.

Move the Prop with CLEARLOOSEPROPS -> ADDLOOSEPROP RANDOM new position...

I tryed a script quickly but the position are somes coordinates, example: x=300 y=300, it's just a point, so you must put your mouse just on this point -> not good.

So need too, to calculate (or set) the width and the height of the ADDLOOSEPROP and after to compare the mouse position with them...

Well i think there are more easy way lol...

Detect if a user wear a prop wih HASPROP
If yes -> Remove it with DOFFPROP
And after put it in the room with a RANDOM ADDLOOSEPROP position...
Or use DROPPROP ...

I forgot:
For take a prop in a user bag, just need to use MACRO and after DROPPROP ...

I hope that will help you ;)

Be Well,

Last edited by Drake; 04-09-2009 at 11:00 AM.. Reason: add MACRO
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Old 04-09-2009 , 11:49 AM    #3 (permalink)

Palace User

Posts: 26

Thanks so much Drake even if I did not hardly understand a word of it LOL
You palace geniuses are so good at this :) but I am not :( LOL

But I took what you replied with and sent it to someone that I hope can help me understand exactly what to type and where to type it.

I know people should know more than I do when doing Palace but hey, I did mine for just chatting and I do that really well LOL

But everyone once in awhile I think of something cool I would like to know how to do. Kind of like wanting to know how to type without learning how to spell first haha

But for sure this will help if I can get someone that knows more than I do to help me with it. I would had asked you but not sure if you would be back on in time to help me with this because I need to know how to do it today if I am going to do it (for a little fun contest we are having).

Thanks again, Country

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