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911: The Pentagon

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My work partner and I decided to stop by the Pentagon Row Shopping Center to support our users there, we didn't have any trouble tickets to respond to but we wanted to show up and "wave the flag" of Tech Support so to speak. Our usual route to the Site was blocked off by police, so we took the long way around, as we finally closed in our destination you could see the scar on the side of the building. First thoughts are

"You Bastards, you Goddamn dirty mother fuckers."

The emotions that roll through you upon seeing the actual destruction of USA property is incredible, starting out with extreme anger that someone, anyone would DARE to strike at us on OUR turf. Vengeance quickly follows praying for a painful end on those who would do this. Pride on seeing the huge flag draped over the side of the building. You can strike at us from out of the darkness of cowardism, but we will never be defeated by the likes of you. Sorrow for those lost in the attack.

We stopped at a gas station directly across from the damage, we had the companies digital camera with us and I took a couple shots and will get them posted, no zoom on the camera so they won't be that good. To the side of the Gas Station there is a small "shrine" started, pictures of those lost, flowers, flags, school students who have wrote out their feelings on posterboard. People walk by and stare at the damage, no words spoken, nodding to each other with the common thought, this will NOT go unavenged. As we left there was a larger shrine on the other side of the street, hundreds of people sitting in vigil, large flags draped everywhere possible. Flowers and signs and momentos in abundance. The final thought on leaving the area, straining back to etch it in my memory is "God, NY must be a thousand times worse."

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