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PatBuddy User's Guide

Room Ordering

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The "Room Ordering" utility / screen allows you to re-arrange your rooms on the room list by simply dragging the rooms into the order you would like to see them.

There are two list windows in Room Ordering. The list on the left side of the screen shows the rooms in the order that they are in now. The list on the right side of the screen will allow you to drag rooms up and down the room list and place them anywhere you would like them. To drag the rooms, click on the small grey square to the left of the Room ID and drag. After you have arranged the rooms in the right list in the order that you want, click on the "Save New Order To Memory" button. This will re-arrange the rooms that PatBuddy has in memory. After the re-ordering process is complete, both of the lists (left and right hand side) will reflect the new order. Now when you click the "Save New PAT File To Disk" button, the rooms will reflect the new room order.

As with any of the other utilities in PatBuddy, you must save the new (changed) *.pat file to disk and start your pserver using the new *.pat file before the changes take effect.

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