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PatBuddy User's Guide

Version 1.5.1

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Welcome to the PatBuddy User's Guide.

PatBuddy is a LogHelp AddOn that will let you manipulate your pserver's *.pat file in ways that can't be done when authoring online with your stand alone client. With PatBuddy, you can make changes that effect some or all of the rooms in your palace at the same time, with a simple mouse click.

PatBuddy is made up of 6 utilities, each performing different types of changes to your *.pat file. The following pages will attemp to explain what each of these utilities can be used for, and how they work.

PatBuddy is intended for use with PAT files, used by pserver versions 4.4, 4.4.1 and 4.5.1. It may or may not work with pserver.dat, Pscript, Mansion Script files or Pserver™ versions newer than 4.5.1 or older than 4.4.

PatBuddy will not run in unregistered copies of LogHelp. (Use Loghelp 2.5, It's self registering.)

If you notice anything we left out, or something we could have better explained in these help pages, please be kind enough to send us an email so we can make the changes.


PatBuddy 1.5.1 - For the Windows version of LogHelp2

PatBuddy 1.5.1 hqx - For the Macintosh version of LogHelp2

PatBuddy 1.5.1 bin - For the Macintosh version of LogHelp2

*Installation Instructions*

To install PatBuddy, first unzip (Win) or unstuff (Mac) your PatBuddy download. Then move / copy the file named "" into your LogHelp2\AddOns\ folder. Then launch LogHelp2, select the "Run Custom AddOn" option from the "Utility" menu. Double click on the in the liost and your on your way.


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