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PatBuddy User's Guide

Loose Props

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The "Loose Props" utility / screen removes loose props from your *.pat file. By loose props, we are talking about props laying around in your palace rooms, props that you drop in a room and are laying there when you come back later. Loose props not only make your palace look a mess, but they can make your *.pat file grow to be huge ! Taking up more disk space and ram that it needs to. Sometimes you can have loose props in the very room you are in and not even know it. If for some reason the pserver has lost or forgotten that prop's prop ID the prop is invisible and is doing nothing but bogging down your palace.

It is a good idea to keep "Prop Stash / Archive Rooms" if your palace has scripts that dress users with props, such as prop generators and games that require props as part of the game. Leaving loose copies of your props in these rooms will keep your pserver from deleting them from your pserver.prp file when you issue the `flushprops command. This utility will not delete those props as long as you keep them in similarly named, prop stash / archive rooms. Just BE SURE that the keyword that use enter is included in the Room Name fo your stash / archive rooms. More info on using "keyword" below.

As with any of the other utilities in PatBuddy, you must save the new (changed) *.pat file to disk and start your pserver using the new *.pat file before the changes take effect.

Click on the different buttons and text in the picture below for more info.

Current PAT File

This displays the name of the *.pat file that PatBuddy has loaded into memory.

Prop Count Info Window

This displays the total number of loose props in the loaded *.pat file, as well as how many of those loose props are in the protected stash / archive rooms and how many of those loose props are in other rooms and will be deleted. If you change the keyword, press the "Recalculate" button to refresh the numbers in the Prop Count Window.

KeyWord Entry Field

If PatBuddy finds the keyword in any of the Room Names in your *.pat file, it will not delete the loose props from those rooms. The keyword is not case sensitive, and it match similarly to a (<value> SUBSTR =) comparison in iptscrae. For instance... If your keyword is "Prop", PatBuddy will not delete the loose props in rooms named similarly to "Prop Stash Room 1", "Prop Stash Room 2", "myprop room", "PrOpRoOm". As long as the RoomName contains "prop", PatBuddy will treat it as an archive. You can use any keyword you wish, it can even be a phrase, it just has to be included in the rooms that you DO NOT want the loose props deleted from.

"Delete Loose Props" Button

This will delete all loose props contained in the loaded *.pat file that are not in prop stash / archive rooms that have the keyword included in the RoomName.

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