Starting a0m 


If at anytime, while running this program something happens that is unexplainable.  Maybe the site wont connect or a room didnt add right or just anything that you cant put your finger on either in the program or in this online manual, REBOOT!  heh  Rebooting the computer has fixed things Ive experienced that I just couldnt understand like saying the script host was down when everyone else could get there.  Before you email the list, make sure you tried this first.

a0m01.jpg - 907 Bytes

This screen appears when you start a0m.  Each icon at the top has a function.  This one connects to the Script host site to begin shopping for rooms.

a0m02.jpg - 16210 Bytes

This is the online help site button and what you clicked to get here.  :-)

a0m03.jpg - 16210 Bytes

Installs the selected rooms/scripts to the pat file.

a0m04.jpg - 16210 Bytes

Dont like that room after you get it installed?  Restore your pat file from the backup.  Clicking this will take you to another screen where you can select which pat/dat file you want to restore.

a0m05.jpg - 16210 Bytes

This is your prefs button to go here and get everything setup so that a0m will know where to put what you download.

a0m06.jpg - 16210 Bytes

When you connect to the Script host site, this menu appears of all the sites with rooms/scripts that have been uploaded here to share.  For this example, I'll choose Golden Gate Scripts.

a0m07.jpg - 16210 Bytes

1.) Shows you all of the rooms for this site.
2.) You can download the background pic for that room to view it before you actually download it.
3.) You can also click here to go preview the room in action via the palace client.
4.) Like what youve seen?  Choose to download that room into inventory for later installation into your pat file.
5.) When you download a room into inventory, it appears on this screen.
6.) Dont like it?  Delete it from inventory.
7.) Want to delete your entire inventory and start over?  Maybe these rooms have already been installed into the .pat file or maybe youve decided you dont want them.
8.) Two ways to choose how to display your rooms in inventory.
9.) The banner that the script site owner made for their site to be displayed whenever we view their rooms they are sharing.

a0m08.jpg - 16210 Bytes

This is what you will see in this small screen when you click to download a preview of it.  You can see the background pic for that room.

*Prefs Screen*