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Quirky's Yahtzee 6 Room Downloads

Below you will find 'thumbnails' for various themed Yahtzee 6 rooms.
They have been made for the users of the Palace Server programme.
To download just click the appropriate thumbnail.
You will receive a 'self extracting' zip file that includes:
Room Graphics, 'themed' dice, markers, etc. all produced by Quirky's;
Plus the room 'pserver.pat', which is based on the script by Foxy, ©2003 (amended).
NB:  When adding the room script to your 'pat' ensure that you do not duplicate the room number.


Pop Idol Themed Rooms



Christmas Themed Rooms




Halloween Themed Rooms



Star Trek Themed Rooms



Continent Themed Rooms



Nemo Themed Rooms



Fae Themed Rooms



Dragon Themed Rooms



James Bond Themed Rooms



Exotic Themed Rooms



Da Boys



Unicorn Themed Rooms



Occult Themed Rooms


Dungeon Themed Rooms


Sport Themed Rooms



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