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The tale of the old wizard

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A story told by users on the Marhouse Palace


Once .... once upon a time there was a big old castle it had been a proud castle but now it was all overgrown with weed and some of the walls had fallen down in that castle lived an old wizard he was a wize old wizard and even though he could have restored the castle he refrained from doing so because he liked the castle better this way there was a village nearby that castle, and sometimes the people of village came to visit him they brought him fresh milk, bread and butter, and asked for his advice on farming and crops which he always gave.....

~Angel~ #1 ( H§ )

he alwayz gave piggyz wingz so they could fly in another time and then one day the wizard take the wingz back cuz zombies tryed to eat their wingz and if they ate there wings they would get bigger and more powerful then one day the wizard decided to turn himself into a flying canable then he went down into the village and defeated the kingz greatest knights then the king himself tryed to defeat him


the king rode all alone to the old castle , bearing his myghty sword that sword was an heirloom in the king's family, very dear, cause it protected the bearer against magick at the castle the king went to the door but the door was locked and the wizard sat inside laughing at the king so the clever king went through a broken wall to enter the castle meanwhile, the wizard had unlocked the cellar, (where all the zombies lived) and the zombies streamed out of cellar and went for the king there was a mighty battle tween king and zombies and after a long and hard fight the king had dismembered all the zombies he stood there, panting and looking at the old wizard

~Angel~ #1 ( H§ )

then the old wizard snickered at him then the king stabbed the the wizard the wizard changed from a flying canable into a old goat the old goat prounced on the king and said shutup you punk


but the king was stronger than the goat took goat by horns and bound the goat with rope to a heavy table then he raised the big sword high above his head and wih a mighty blow, smote off the goats head FIN

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