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06-06-2004, 10:25 PM
Red is cool, red with big horns is even cooler. Actually I have always liked red, especially as a shoe color. Now what this has to do with any movies I don't know but figured this was the best excuse to share it.

So what about the movie Hell Boy? Well its cool, its red and cool yeah its really red blu and cool actually. Ron Perlman rocks as the demon kid who survived nazi scum and fights evil monsters in our backyard. Probably because he is to big to fit under your bed.

Hellboy is a cynical smartass, big red and funny. Loves to smoke and thinks these isn't a monster alive he can't beat. Ron Perlman plays hellboy, we know him as Vincent from Beauty and the beast TV fame and from several other dark movies like the excellent "City of the lost children".

He has been in many movies playing odd strange human like caracters and does a brillaint job doing so. John Hurt is in this movie as well, actually come to think of it Ron Perlman and John Hurt are the only two actors I can remember really. The others where there to grease the wheels so to speak.

The ridicoulous plot with Rasputin and weird monsters is a bit silly but oh well who goes to the movies for plots these days. Plots are for those long winding chatlog type things printed on pages and sold as books.

So if you enjoy some big red badass demon guy kicking ass HellBoy is a must. Definately better then Dare Devil or Buffy :P

12-27-2004, 10:38 AM
great movie : )