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How to get on The Palace

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How to get on The Palace

The two routes you can take to visit the Palace:

The Instant route:
With Instant Plalace there is no software install and will work with a Java enabled browser. Available for Mac and Windows, limited in its features, but a good way to see what the Palace is about.The best place to start with Instant Palace is with IB's Instant Palace User Guide Everything Instant is explained on this site and it has a great Instant directory for you to pick the right Palace to discover this new Chat dimension.

The Client route:
You need to download and install the Palace Client suitable for your operating system. The Palace Client is available for Mac, 68K Mac and Windows. Windows Users will have to download the UPGRADER, this wil fix certain outdated Palace files.And makes sure your Start in Palace Space is a good one.

Step 1: Download Palace Software:
Choose your Operating System suitable files and download them to your desktop so they are easy to find.

Windows 3.5 Palace Client
Windows Palace UPGRADER
Macintosh 3.5 Palace Client
Macintosh 68K Palace Client

Step 2:  Install Instructions

When finished downloading double click the PalaceUserWin3.5.exe file and the install wizard will open. Follow along with the wizard and your program will be installed. The defaults are the best way to install, so you don't need to change anything unless you want to.

After you have installed the client as first time Palace User you should run the Upgrader.exe install. (NOTE: if you already have used the Palace Client and have a set of custom bookmarks, please make a backup. The Upgrader.exe will overwrite any bookmarks you might have.) Once you have both installed your ready for the PC Palace Client Manual. This Palace Planet Manual will guide you step by step through all the possibilites and features in the Palace Client.

For Mac user it is simple, we just send you of to the best place: "The Xmission Macintosh Palace Client Install, Tweaks & Survival Guide"

Still got questions?:
Any problems you can always use the Palace Planet FORUM to ask for help. Or read the FAQ

Step 3: Registration

Registration for Windows users is very simple: Just install the Upgrader it wil fix all your broken links.When starting the Palace for the first time follow the link Get FREE User registration code.This will open your browser and send you to the registration site automatically.  Mac users can just go to the registration site by following this URL: Fill in the details and your code will be send to you within a day.Please do NOT accept any codes from others they are probably using reg code generators wich have the nasty habit of making duplicate codes. The Palace does not allow duplicates so if anyone would enter the palace using an identical code you would be kicked off.

Step 4: Getting the most out of your Palace experience

Even though the Palace looks simple, there are a lot of hidden treasures, if your ready to dig for them. All you need to do is jump straight into the Palace Planet Manuals and Tutorials Special Section. Learn how to make an avatar (also known as doll or prop) find out what you can do with scripts and build your own Palace world! Anyone can do it including you. And offcourse learn how to "defend" yourself from Palace pests :)

Step 5: Have FUN!

This one is easy: Just have a ball, the Palace is there to be fun for all.

Palace Planet:
This site is run by volunteers who try to help the Palace Community as much as possible. Becoming a member has a lot of added advantages.Not only shows your support for this site, but you can wear a custom avatar in the forums, Your own name when posting any comments, articles, links, downloads or review. You will be able to use the shoutbox any time you like. Post events and make FULL use off this websites capabilities. Palace Planet is non-commercial, not affiliated or sponsored by anyone and is only here to HELP the community and anyone who wants to promote or build anything Palace.


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