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PC Client Manual Content

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Windows Server Manual Content Introduction Getting Started
Updating your software
Logging on for the first time
Learning on your own with the Welcome Palace Gate
Talking, moving around, and other actions
Logging off
Connecting to Palace Sites
If you already have a Palace User Software client running
From your web browser
Returning to a recently-visited Palace
Using other online services
America Online
The Microsoft Network
How to Use the Palace
The avatar pop-up menu
Changing your name
Changing expression and color
Customizing your smiley avatar
Changing your avatar appearance
Animating your avatar
Profile pages
Creating a new avatar
Saving and wearing your new avatar
Talking to people
Special balloons
Whispering and ESP (private messages)
Keeping track of conversations with the log window
Paging an operator
Finding people
Playing sounds
Moving around
Spots and doors
Jumping to a specific room
Joining another user
Going forward and backwards
Your prop window
The Prop Pop-Up Menu
General prop actions
Creating and editing props with the prop editor
The Palace Client Interface
Elements of the main window
The View Screen
The Toolbox
The Input Box
The Status Bar
The Icons
The Menus
The File Menu
The Edit Menu
The Options Menu
The Bookmarks Menu
The Avatars Menu
The Operator Menu
The Plugins Menu
The Help Menu
Hotkey combinations
The room drawing tools
The prop editor
The PalacePresents Viewer
What is PalacePresents?
What you need
Launching the PalacePresents Viewer
Setting preferences
Joining an event
The PalacePresents interface
Talking to the stage
The Viewer Toolbox
The System Menu
Advanced Features
Standard user commands
Creating and maintaining your own room
Automating yourself with Iptscrae
Your cyborg.ipt file
Quick Reference Community Standards Palace Command Summary
Guest commands
Member commands
Operator commands
Owner commands

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