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09-17-2004, 01:07 PM
D00de See there is more then 7500 members on this site but only a few of you bother to submit stuff or post on the forum. What up wiff dat??

Why do you guys keep signing up iff yah aint gonna do anything with dat??

09-20-2004, 11:08 PM
Hidalgo (Andrew/Doug/Whomever): Ever heard of the phrase "sticks and stones"?

Maart: I apologize for Thax's spamming on here. Both you and I know that's not a good way of promoting or advertising. It may seem you and I have our differences but I think you and I are a little more civil then the users we both carry.

I'm glad "Palace Planet" maintains a Guest Count always above 50. That's a good sign. But some ask why so many hits and members without much contribution from the outside world? One is that many sites to get registrants who just like to sign up to fun stuff and that's all they do. The second "is" people like Andrew Saturn, Doug Mehus, Russell Wood, and the list can go on. The children like to come on and ruin a good thing for everyone. And that is what tires people out. They don't want a part of it, so they don't do anything for that site because the behavior of the children.

So Maart, keep up the great work you do on "Palace Planet"!

10-12-2004, 12:48 AM
Yo Eric

Not sure who this Hidalgo is but as far as I can see he/she is from europe.

As for thax: oh well things happen it was a bit weird though, especially since I mailed him and suggested to use the site submit feature.

Anyway, as for people signing up for fun featured: I don't think its people signing up for fun stuff. The only extra functionality signing up gives you is the option to submit stuff. Like news, pictures for the gallery (out of order right no, did not have time to fix it yet) links, downloads, sign the guestbook and post in the forum.

Everything else is open for anyone to use and always has been. I hate sites that restrict users just to get them to sign up. As for annoying people, I never had any problems on the site in 4 years there has only been one post that got deleted because it was a personal attack. A bunch of comments where removed and thats about it as far as I can remember.

Personally I think its people come here for answers and most of them find the info they need and move on. Well so I hope anyway :) But in a way itstill remains a mistery why so many people signed up, in the old days I had a big disclaimer telling anyone who wanted to sign up "You wil NOT get a reg code by signing up here". Never made a difference. My guess is also people who actually want to contribute either do it immediately or months later. Then they probly have forgotten theyr password and sign up again lol.

My motto was always: chatters are not forum posters, if they wanna talk about something thy do it in Palace.

Anyway, as for the differences, to be honest I can't remember. I know at the time we talked I was looking for someone to help out and in the future take over from me with the site. Everybody wanted to do theyr own thing and nobody cared.

Not much has changed in the sense that people prefer to fight then to contribute. For some reason having a succesfull site makes you some sort of authority that needs to be brought down. This french kid is a good example: a lot of big mouth talk but not a single link submission.

Anyway thanks for support.


I'm sure I answered this post weeks ago, probly hit the wrong button and it was never submitted.... hah oh well.

10-21-2004, 03:45 AM
Actually, what I meant about "fun" is that ppl like to see their name in the Memberslist. They like to register for fun. I help run a a SIMs website that is like a CMS but a little different. Offers lots, skins, objects, ect. for the Sims game and we have over 10,000 members. And we could only wish they all contributed somewhere or somehow... lol

01-10-2007, 06:13 AM
I think many users of the Palace are much more chatters than they are email writers or forum posters. I ran an IRC room for years and thought a message board would be a great addition. It turns out many people didn't quite grasp that they'd be posting here and waiting days for a response. They're much more inclined to have that immediate responsive nature that is found in chat rooms. That being said, I think PalacePlanet has a lot of value as a community and educational tool. Although most people won't post, many forums are active.

01-10-2007, 12:20 PM
It turns out many people didn't quite grasp that they'd be posting here and waiting days for a response. They're much more inclined to have that immediate responsive nature that is found in chat rooms.

Very true, when we had a banner sized Palace on top of Palaceplanet it was very busy. You could come there in the morning and sit all day answering questions and helping people. But I do think, especially with the new social networking tools, people are warming up to the idea they can make a home here too. Even if it was just to keep in touch with friends or get some info.

01-10-2007, 07:34 PM
If 7500 folks all replied to every post.....:-D

Often, one reply says it all. Palace has been around so long now that pretty much everything that can or cannot be done so far,... has been talked about, web posted, characterised, filed and formatted somewhere.

Search engines like Google are very good at locating threads associated to just about anything, even this little meander.

The obvious isnt always apparent though, to everyone at the same time, but i understand there is no point creating anything unless you are motivated, and that is very personal.

Why, Who, What, When and Where are as much non specific as If...

Why don`t 7500 members post? Who cares, when or where....:-D

You do it because you want to, not because someone says you should.

The world is full of resources, yet people still starve. The birds at my bird table feed better than some folks in Africa. It doesnt seem right, and i am as guilty of letting that happen, as someone whose motivation is to ask why palace posters dont post. I could do some thing more to influence others. Motivation is the key, its more than just asking "why".

If you want more posters, Hidalgo , post more, give something to inspire motivity, you have touched the top of the iceberg, do you really want to see it all, or leave it drifting....?

01-11-2007, 07:00 AM
Very true, a lot of info has been talked about so many times. And perhaps people can find the info they are looking for and go back to chatting.

One thing i sort find ashame is how little people use the tools to promote their Palace. The events calendar, links directory and news. All easy to use and a great way to plug your Palace.

As for 7500 + members, well it ended up being 10.000 + but I dropped the inactive ones and moved the rest to the forum. Perhaps with the new Profiles and social networking tools people will be more active.
But in the end it is exactly what you said: people need something that motivates them.


Not sure i want to see hidalgos whole iceberg :wacky:

01-22-2007, 05:58 PM
well I am one that doesn't post much here, I come in I look at things and for the most part unless there is something I can add helpful information too I stay silent, though I do love coming here and seeing whats going on

01-22-2007, 06:39 PM
Hey Finna! Nice to see you around, and I guess thanks for the compliment :shade:

Did you edit your profile already? :tongue:

01-22-2007, 07:04 PM
well I kinda did lol, and yes it was a compliment, you and some of the others know so much more than I do that I still learn coming here and reading the posts.

Ok now I have most of it edited as well as updated the link here on my web page