View Full Version : Mad Max 2 has a Poem by Goethe in it

07-29-2004, 08:42 PM
Now I have been a big Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior fan. Saw it in the cinema the first day it was released here, bought the laserdisc... and now the DVD. Analysed the movie to pieced and learned a lot about editing.

Now there is one detail I have never ever seen written about anywhere. To be honest I would love to ask George Miller about this even thought he might probly get this "wow who is this movie geek with no life". So here goes, ages ago when I was showing off the laserdisc (hey it use to be COOL to have a lserdisc!) I heard humungus speak... its the scene after his gang was boomeranged in front of the gates. They camped and at night there is this whole fire and frenzy bike stuff.

Now the cool thing is, humungus is reciting a Poem by Goethe "der Erlkonig". I think he speaks it in english. Anyway its about a father racing to the doctor with horse and carriage. His son is dying, he is sitting next to his dad in the cold winter night hallucinating. he sees ghosts coming to get him send by the Erlkonig.

Very dramatic poem and a odd high brow culture moment.

Anyway, check it out its cool. And it is still one of the best action road movies ever made. Why? Well simple: they did not have all the money in the world to do whatever stupid idea they came up with. They had to think about it and be creative. And George Miller is just a very good and clever director :)

But the same thing goes for him as for other favorites like John Carpenter: if they have the bucks to just screw around the movies are usually not as imagenative as they could have been. Look at Escape from NY / Escape from LA.

Another nice example is Jaws where the sharks breaks down so they have to use imagination and suggestion to create tention.

Getting a bit of topic here: Mad Max 2 has Goethe in it, now hows that for a action flick!