View Full Version : HELP wanted: Your input is our output.

05-19-2004, 06:39 PM

Lately there has been some confusion over Palace Planet and support. So just incase it hasen't been blindingly obvious: this is a site made by volunteers ( 2 at the moment to be exact hah) this is not a giant commerical project making looooads of money. Remember Palace planet gets LOADS of visitors, between 60.000 and a 120.000 a month, it IS good for your Palace to post here, honest!
SOoooooo we need your input:

LINKS!!!!! links weblinks, ANY links you can come up with.

ARTICLES!!! your news is our news, submit it and we will post it.

Guestbook! Wooh yeah its for YOU to sign

TOP LIST! Yup we want YOUr site on there

GALLERY! Upload them download them, load them anyway you like!

FORUM its the superfine Palace Planet Forum, old but still going strong!